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<b>High Coverage Insurance Plans&#160;</b><b>for Pro Athletes</b>

High Coverage Insurance Plans for Pro Athletes

As a professional athlete, you lead a hectic and glamorous lifestyle. However, insurance coverage is crucial to protect your hard-earned wealth.  At the Magoon Group, we specialize in offering high-coverage insurance policies exclusively for professional athletes. 

We understand that you need a high-coverage insurance policy that covers all your needs, including your homes, vehicles, possessions, and injuries you may sustain while competing, at home, or elsewhere. We aim to design the right policy for you, monitor it closely, and ensure it meets your needs. 

Our complete umbrella insurance policy covers anything that could adversely affect your ability to perform and earn money by playing your sport. We know that you are always just one injury away from the end of your career, and in the event of a career-ending injury, your income and financial future must be protected. That's why we will sit down with you and design a policy that will provide complete protection in the event of injury or illness that could end your career, with an eye toward protecting your wealth not just now, but for the long-term and well into the future.  Call today to learn more about the Magoon Group Pro Athlete Signature Program: 303-865-7380

Coverage Highlights

• Loss of Future Earnings
• Contract Completion
• Loss of Endorsements
• Cost of Agents/Managers
• College Draft Protection
• Failure to sign contract coverage

• Key Player Coverage
• High Limit Permanent Disability
• Individual & Catastrophic AD&D
• Per-Game Benefits
• Temporary Total Disability
• Permanent Total Disability

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